Monday, August 15, 2016

I went to Hamilton and all you got was this lousy blog post

Ay Mama, what do you do when your dreams come true?” Write a (short) blog post, of course!

  • I was too nervous to read my program. 
  • When the house lights dimmed, the whole audience gasped as one. 
  • Chris Jackson’s voice somehow sounds even better in person.
  • People are constantly writing with quills, but they never have ink. 
  • If Satisfied was its own show, it would win the Tony for Best Musical. 
  • Cabinet Battle #1 is so much fun live. 
  • The part of Aaron Burr is so well written, I root for him. Off that immigrant, Burr! 
  • You can just see the tops of Alex Lacamoire’s curls bouncing in the orchestra pit. 
  • The Les Mis turntable should take notes from the Hamilton turntable. 
  • If you can see through your tears at the line “they row him back across the Hudson,” you’ll be rewarded. 
  • They change coats in this show as often as they change shoes in Billy Elliot. 
  • The curtain call is infuriatingly short. 
  • I bought a magnet just to be sure it wasn’t all a dream. 

"How lucky we are to be alive right now."  

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