Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Taking the Power Back


Friday, December 20 Always Be Prepared 

19:00 Lynne reminds the family that there is an ice storm coming tomorrow expected to cause major power outages. David replies that they currently possess only half a container of salt for the driveway. Shael comments that they do not have a flashlight at their condo. Not a Boy Scout among them.

Saturday, December 21 We are Powerless 

11:00 David and Shira go to Canadian Tire to pick up salt. They briefly contemplate getting emergency supplies for a prolonged blackout, but opt for a quick getaway instead.

21:00 David, Lynne, and Shira settle down for a quiet evening of Breaking Bad.


21:37 David and Shira resort to their second favourite and doubly as cool Saturday night activity: backgammon (by candlelight).

21:55 The power comes back on. David and Shira decide to blow out the candles. Shira demonstrates why she is widely considered one of the greatest comedy minds of her generation by proclaiming that they should each make a wish. David foolishly states ALOUD, "I wish the power would stay on."


22:30 The threesome retire to their cooling beds and endure a night filled with the bangs of tree limbs falling and the mystery of how Walter and Jesse got out of their current jam.
Damage sustained after Saturday night

Sunday, December 22  There and Back Again

11:30 Shira awakens to a lunch of everything that can possibly be eaten from the fridge. After much debate, it is decided that everyone is too cold to eat the rapidly melting ice cream. This is one of the toughest realizations of Shira's young, but sensational, life.

11:35 Asher mutters sleepily from the couch, "...Power's out on Championship Sunday..."

12:00 David transitions into crisis survival mode, which happens at least once a blackout. He and Lynne empty the fridge and freezer into two plastic bins and stick them on the deck outside. There is generalized discussion as to whether the bins are wildlife proof. Lynne generously states, "The squirrels are welcome to it!"

The Lurie attempt at ingenuity. Note the ice cream on the right
13:30 The gang decides to take a nap in a desperate attempt at hibernation. Nobody makes a "power nap" joke and they are all upset at having missed the opportunity.

16:00 They awake to a very cold house and courageously decide to flee to higher ground (Dani and Shael's condo). But not before attempting to "cold proof" the house with scientifically dubious ideas, such as closing all of the blinds for insulation, running hot water through all of the taps, and tucking in Buzz Lightyear under three blankets.

16:30 Unable to open the garage, they are forced to take Shira's car that has been assaulted by freezing rain for the last two days. It is coated in an inch thick layer of ice. It takes over twenty minutes to clear off enough ice to see out of the windows and open three of four doors - all done on a driveway that has been converted into a skating rink. Also, they don't have skates.

David attempts to revive a frozen Finn without falling
16:55 Our heroes begin a treacherous car journey, forced to negotiate icy roads, downed trees, and nonfunctional traffic lights.
Attack of the Ice Trees: A film by Tim Burton

17:25 They arrive at Dani and Shael's condo. There are no spots in visitors' parking, so they are forced to park illegally in an empty residential spot. They have a bad feeling about this. *foreshadowing*

17:30 They greet Hallie who seems resigned to the reality that she will have to share her house with more people than usual tonight. She retreats first to her bath and then to her crib as an escape from the commotion.

17:30 Dani drives Lynne across the street to Lisa's apartment in Shira's car. She parks in visitors' parking, but only tells Lynne. *more foreshadowing*

21:30 Lynne calls Shira with reports that power may have come back on in their area according to the Markham Powerstream hotline. They attempt to confirm this information by calling everyone they know in the area, including Shopper's, Pizza Hut, and Food Basics. They regret not being friendlier with their neighbours.

22:15 Despite mixed reports, and a particularly discouraging estimation from Mike at Food Basics, they decide to take their chances and head back home. David and Shira go down to the parking garage to retrieve the car and pick-up Lynne. Not knowing, of course, that Dani parked in a different spot, they reenact a favourite Seinfeld episode as they scour the parking garage for their car, fearing it may have been towed.

22:30 In a fit of desperation, David attempts to convince Shira that a Nissan Sentra is her Honda Civic since they are both blue.

22:40 They find the car in visitors' parking. Weak with relief, they curse Dani's name and embark upon their treacherous journey home, forced to negotiate icy roads, downed trees, nonfunctional traffic lights, and Cosmo in the backseat.

23:15 They arrive home to a house with power! Buzz Lightyear is cold, but in good spirits.

23:16 Shira plugs in her phone and checks Twitter. Asher catches up on football. Lynne and David make tea.


Cast of Characters
Shira - The Hero
Asher - The Brother
Dani - The Sister
Lisa - The Sister II
Lynne - The Mom
David - The Dad
Shael - The Brother-in-Law
Hallie - The Niece
Cosmo - The Hound

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Dani aka the sister said...

Have read this now many times and still brings me to tears and not because I am portrayed as a villain